Jobs Calendar

We work all year round at Charltons

There’s always something going on. We are always busy with a variety of jobs depending on the time of the year.

Choose a month to see what jobs are available and apply once you’ve found the right role for you.


General Farm Worker/ Fruit Picker

Sprayer Operator

Forklift Driver

Production Machine Operator 

Tunnel Covering

Covering tunnels with polyethylene
jan - feb

Planting Strawberries

feb - mar

Strawberry Picking

Pick different varieties of strawberries, with care not to damage the plants or the fruit
may - nov

Cherry Picking

Pick a variety of cherries, with care not to damage the trees or the fruit

Fruit Packing

Inspecting, grading, sorting fruit, placing fruit into containers, weighing the produce
all year

Apple Picking

Pick a variety of different apples, with care not to damage the trees or bruise the fruit
sep - oct

Putting bags on table tops

jan - feb

Planting Apples Trees

jan - mar

Apple Thinning

Removing the unwanted baby apples to encourage a fruitful crop
jun - jul

General Farm Work

You will be on a mission to complete a wide range of husbandry jobs depending on time of the year
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